About Us

Napmat.com was started when a young mom needed a solution to a problem:  the only challenge her son had with preschool was naptime. He was an adorable angel MOST of the time, but naptime brought about restlessness and irritability. She had purchased the vinyl Kindermat recommended by the preschool and, as they suggested, delivered a freshly washed beach towel at least once a week. When the teachers told her how much trouble he had relaxing at nap time, she began looking for a solution.

The bottom line was that her son couldn't rest comfortably on the vinyl mat. The beach towel didn't stay in place when he tossed and turned. The mat obviously needed a breathable cotton cover. She also considered what every person needs in order to sleep comfortably: a pillow and a blanket. She tried to create something that had everything attached, so nothing would get lost, but also removable so it could be easily washed.

We think this creative mom had a great idea! In 2014 NapMat.com became part of Posy Lane, Inc. to offer more selection and personalization options. Over the years we have added more and more nap mats to our collection, along with matching lunch totes, backpacks, and duffle bags. Regardless of what you choose, we hope you and your child enjoy the benefits of the nap mat. And we hope you have as much fun shopping here as we have had finding (or in some cases creating) these quality products!