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per page has a wonderful assortment of backpacks for your student. Because children come in different sizes, so should backpacks! We offer backpacks in a standard, or medium, size, as well as a toddler size.

Looking for a toddler backpack? They are smaller than a traditionally-sized backpack. Toddler-sized backpacks are the perfect size for daycare, preschool, extracurricular activities, or a trip to Grandma's. They hold a change of clothes, snacks, and toys and treasures kids can't leave home without. Toddler backpacks have also been used consistently for baby gifts and as an alternative to a full diaper bag.

Want a custom look? Want to make sure your child's backpack doesn't get mistaken for someone else's? Forget writing the child's name inside the backpack with permanent marker. At, we can create personalized backpacks through custom embroidery. has several brands from which you can create custom backpacks:

Stephen Joseph has colorful and popular children's themes, like butterflies, dinosaurs, princesses, and super heroes.

Mint backpacks use bright and sturdy nylon and classic cotton seersucker. The navy and pink seersucker fabrics are definitely the most popular!

Backpacks by Bixbee spark your little one's imagination! They come in many different themes; glittery butterfly backpacks with fluttery wings for girls, and, for boys, rocket backpacks with rocket-boostered jet wings!

We also carry a huge selection of drawstring backpacks. Made of 100% polyester, these bags are made to last! The personalization on these handy backpacks is imprinted right into the material.

With so many colors and themes to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect embroidered backpacks for everyone on your list!