No Frills!   Simple, but effective.
The Basic kindermat cover will work with the 5/8", 1" or 2" thick
kindermat. The cover encases the mat (like a pillowcase) with
velcro tabs inside the hem to keep the mat from slipping out.
Aprroximately 19" x 47".
New!  We now offer coordinating solid fleece blankets for some of our basic covers!
Made from anti-pill solid color fleece blankets. Super-cuddly as an addition to the basic cover.
Please note: these blankets are NOT attached to the basic cover. They are only available as an
independent unit. Click on images above for color suggestions.
Kindermat not included
If you don't already have a kindermat, you can add one to your
order here. For kindermat details, click on the image to the
left and you will be taken to the kindermat page.
The Original
5/8" thick
2" thick
1" thick
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These covers (Tractors, Bugsy or Fishies) are
the makers of kindermats.

That's why they cost less! We do not
manufacture them... we purchase them from
the makers of kindermat products.

If you live in a warmer climate, you might
prefer one of the cotton covers shown above.
(priced at $29.99)... we make those here... :)
PLEASE NOTE: These are for KINDERMATS....Not order the larger version of these
covers to fit a larger mat, see the
DayDreamer page.
PLEASE NOTE: These are for KINDERMATS, Not see larger
covers available for the larger mats go to the
DayDreamer page. :),  5441 Jones Creek Rd, Ste C, Baton Rouge, LA 70817   -  (225) 445-5108
Puzzle Pieces
Magic Hats
Pirate's Matey
Barnyard Friends
Items we've made before by Special Request:
Organic Cotton Grey
These covers fit:

Basic 5/8" thick kindermat (19x45x5/8)
Extra 1" thick kindermat  (19x44x1)
Super 2" thick kindermat  (19x44x2)
Toddler kindermat (21x46x3/4)
These covers do NOT fit:

DayDreamer 1" (24x48x1)
DayDreamer 2" (24x48x2)
Covers for wider mats are found
Red Marble
Bug Me !
Spotted Red
9 available
Basic Kindermat and Strawberry Fields
cover with red pin-dot backing.

Kindermat is 19" x 45" x 5/8"
Mat AND Cover!
Special Sale!!
Sports Fan
Purple Butterfly
Solid Navy
Bone Heads
^ it appears that I'm the
only one who really
likes Bone Heads :)
1 Batman available
In Transit
Come Fly with Me
Fairy Princess