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  • How do I cancel or change my order?

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    Orders directly fulfilled by from our inventory can be changed or canceled by email request only, and if we have not started work on the order, and have had time to see the change or cancellation request. Most towel wraps, nap mats, backpacks, and other embroiderable items fit under this policy.
    Please keep in mind that we may not start work on your order for a day or two, or we may start work on your order an hour after you place it.
    Orders filled by our partners for items like edibles, ink stamps, personalized children's plates, music boxes, wall art, stationary, stickers, or anything else that is custom or direct from "the factory" might not be change-able or cancel-able, depending on that partner's policies, if they have started work, or if they can cancel the order.
  • Licensed products versus licensed fabrics

    Please note - We sell nap mats made from licensed fabrics we purchased a local stores, but the nap mats themselves are not licensed products.  For example, we have purchased Frozen fabric, but the nap mats we have created from the fabric was not made by Disney and is not a Disney product.  They don't endorse us in any way, and we have no connection at all with them.


    We are not affiliated with, or sponsored by the intellectual property owners of the licensed fabrics.  That includes Disney, DC comics, Marvel Comics, NFL teams, Universities, or any other fabric design owner.


    We purchased the fabric, and made something I hope can be special for your child.

  • Posy Lane Inc product reviews

    Do you have a blog and are interested in doing a product review?  We have created a process for doing reviews that keeps it from being overly time consuming and makes it win-win for both of us.


    Blogs that we work with must:
    • Have their own domain
    • Must have a history of at least a year
    • Must not be primarily a review/give away blog


    Please note that we only do reviews, we do not do give-aways.  Further, the review must
    • Be posted within 30 days of receiving the item, or a time frame mutually agreed to
    • Must have a do-follow link back to the website


    How the review process works:
    1. If the above terms and conditions work for you, please email us with REVIEW in the subject line
    2. Of course tell us something about yourself and your blog, and the item you are interested in reviewing
    3. If you are a good fit, we will create a code for you to use at checking that will discount the item by about 95%
    4. Please pay the remainder by credit card
    5. We will process the order just like all the others
    5. When the review is up, please email us
    6. If the review is not completed by the agreed time frame, and with a correct link, we will charge the remaining retail value to the credit card


    The above process makes reviews manageable for us, and addresses the issue we have experienced before of sending product, and never hearing from the reviewer again.

  • Ozark Mountain Kids giant nap mat cleaning guide

    The Ozark Mountain Kids giant nap mats should not be washed in a top loading machine with an agitator.  It is possible for the agitator to tear the fabric.  The minimum washing machine size for these nap mats is 4.2 cubit feet.  Because these nap mats are so big, they will be damaged if your washing machine or dryer can catch or pull or have parts the blanket can wrap around.

    We do not replace the nap mats for washing or drying mishaps.  Please don't wash or dry these mats in a machine that does not comfortably fit the mat, or in a machine that can catch or tear the fabric in any way.

    We occasionally get reports of damage done to the these giant nap mats, and it almost always goes back to a washing machine!

    They should be washed in cold water and the gentle cycle, and dried on low heat.


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  • Brain Balance - scam or a healthy child treatment program?

    When we were thinking about starting our child with Brain Balance, I tried to research other parents experience’s to see if Brain Balance is a scam, or if the program helps children.  That turned out to be very hard to do.  Many people posted very negative reviews, but didn’t have any actual experience with Brain Balance.  And then some “parents” posted positive reviews, but the folks with the negative opinions said those were all faked by Brain Balance employees.


    Now that we are near the end of the program with our child, I want to post a review that at least you know is not written by a Brain Balance employee.  We went to the Brain Balance Center in Plano, Texas.


    We were introduced to Brain Balance at a seminar given by the local Brain Balance director.  The seminar focused quite a bit on Autism, but also addressed many other issues young children can have.  A lot of what she said struck a nerve with us.  Our son does not have mainstream Autism or severe issues compared to some other kids, but over the years a number of different teachers have commented on the same issues we see at home.


    And now the director was talking about them, and talking about how to help them.  We were at our wits end, and so we started with getting him an ‘evaluation’ by Brain Balance.


    Let me put up a disclaimer here.  I am not a doctor or medical specialist.  In this post I will simply be repeating from the Brain Balance books, test results, or what the staff told us.


    The testing showed that our son still reacted to many primitive reflexes – reflexes that should be gone after a child turns one.  A child who has primitive reflexes is like living in a house with the doorbell constantly ringing.  It makes it hard for a child to focus because external stimuli is constantly grabbing the child’s attention when it should be ignored.


    And testing showed that his left half brain was more developed over the right half.  The left half of the brain initiates action, and the right half regulates action.  It was the issues with our son not regulating his behavior that was the underlying issue we wanted to address.


    Folks are tempted to say, it is just a boy being a boy.  Maybe that is true.  But when your son is always the one identified in each new environment as the child struggling in this area, can you just write off the concern?


    So I looked for reviews from other parents.  A pattern in the reviews emerged.  Almost without exception, the very negative reviews were from people who had never had any experience with Brain Balance.  With people who had taken their child there, some reviews were very positive, and some were mildly positive.  Few were negative.  So we took the plunge.


    So this is where the actual review starts!  This program is not easy, and you need to be committed to helping your child to make it through.  The program is not easy for two reasons.  Four days a week (the days he did not do an hour session at Brain Balance) there are home exercises three times a day.  They are not hard, and can be done in about 20 minutes each time, but over time son was more and more resistant to doing them and that is stress and tension in the house.


    If you are looking for a program where you can drop your child off, and get him or her fixed 'remotely', Brain Balance is not for you.  You will have to put in much more effort at home then happens at the center.


    The diet portion is hard.  At the start of the program, your child will get a food sensitivity test.  You will have to avoid all foods that show up as moderate to severe sensitivity.  It only takes a couple of results like gluten, corn, olives, cane sugar, and dairy to make eating a real challenge.  These were just some of the about 30 foods we had to avoid for 30 days and it made eating out nearly impossible.


    The food pain continues because at the end of the 30 days, you re-introduce one food each four days to see if it causes problems.  About half the time on new foods, we weren’t sure.  Some behavior issues would happen in the four days, and we would have to try that food over to be sure it was food related, or unrelated.  So it has taken a long time to work foods back in.


    So what about the results?  Some results were quickly noticeable for the better.  Son would often chew on his shirts or fingers.  This has gone on for years, with many ruined shirts.  It was because of a primitive reflex.  Within two weeks of starting the program, it just stopped.  (edited to add - even a year later this is gone).  The second issue that got a lot better was sleeping through the night.


    We could almost set an alarm for midnight, when Son would wake up fussing and calling for us.  After a few weeks of the program, he mostly slept through the night.  (edited to add, a year later this is an area that regressed.  It is 85% better, but not as good as when we were in the program.)


    Other behaviors changed more gradually.  At the end of the program, the two of us had a discussion about did the program work, or not.  Because the changes are gradual, it is hard to remember exactly what life was like 12 weeks ago.


    The conclusion we drew is that as of today, we would not consider doing a program again.  The emotional meltdowns are nearly gone.  He bounces back from disappointments quickly, or does not get upset at all.  (edited to add, a year later he is much, much better, but read the end of the review for current results)  He listens to instructions like “stop at the cross walk” and does not run off where we have to actually run him down.  (edited to add, these positive changes stuck and did not regress).


    With regular 3 times a week sessions at Brain Balance, you start talking to other parents in the waiting room.  The results with some of the children with parents in the waiting room are impressive.


    In our opinion, the results Brain Balance reports are not a scam.  But what are the source of the results?  The diet change?  The home exercises?   The work done at Brain Balance?  From talking to other parents in the waiting room, just diet changes can cause impressive advancements in a child.  The home exercises impose a new level of discipline and order at home.   What role does that play?


    I tried to post a Brain Balance review on but they would not post it, but deleted it.  From reading the posts they will allow, it is clear that ‘mainstream’ specialists don’t like Brain Balance at all and I guess they won’t allow meaningful reviews of the place.


    That’s too bad.  If a program helps kids, professionals should dig into why, and how it can help everyone.  The Brain Balance program is very expensive and not everyone can afford it.


    Update - about one year later


    It has been about a year since we did the brain balance program.  The brain balance center recommended that we keep doing a baseline amount of the exercises, but we stopped completely.


    Some of the diet changes stuck because we could really see a negative influence from things like dairy, but many foods we were able to work in.  Some foods like gluten we eat, but sparingly.


    The positive changes from the program pretty much stuck, with very mild regression.  However, it was not like our son was a totally different kid.  Put him in a group with average children, and he sticks out.  He is not very flexible, always has to 'win', he has weak social skills, and he is a whirlwind of energy.  But he is very extroverted, talks non-stop, engages with strangers, and is obviously intelligent.  At age 5, he is doing some math at the second grade level.  And he is very good at abstract concepts which is unusual at this age.


    A good example is you can hardly play with him.  You won't do it right, you won't know the rules, and it will really bother him.  And it will bother you, and you will stop.


    His teacher at his Montessori School is fantastic, and very patient with him.  But a few weeks ago she recommended we get him evaluated at The Shelton School Evaluation Center.  The Shelton School specializes in children with learning differences and learning disorders.  In Dallas, it is the gold standard for evaluating children.  His teacher wanted to check for any identifiable issues.


    It is also expensive, about $2,000.  But in our case, totally worth it.  He was tested last week, an all day affair.  Yesterday we sat down with Jacquelyn Pack, the child Psychologist who administered the testing to discuss the results.


    It turns out we have a very smart child, with an IQ of 137.  He tested high across the board for IQ.  However she could tell that he was very weak in some social skills.  For his ability to read people, she found him to be around the bottom of the pack in her experience.  His abilities look like the dreaded 7-10 bowling split; right now his abilities are all at the top, or the bottom.


    IQ Distribution IQ Distribution

    Even though he is very social and talkative, it is his IQ covering for his lack of being able to read the emotions and social ques from other people.  He is just on the Autism Spectrum.


    The prognosis for him is good.  She believes he can be brought up to average or good enough in social skills, and his high IQ will make academics easy for him.  His rigidity is also a symptom of Autism, but it can be worked with.


    The 'bad' news of yesterday is Dr. Pack said parenting him will always be a challenge.  He is smart, has a strong will, and thinks he knows better than you.  That won't go away.


    We love the Montessori environment for our son, but it Dr. Pack highly recommended a Gifted program at a more traditional school.  Montessori does not always push children to be well rounded, it is more self guided.  In our Son's case, he will need to be pushed to experience subjects outside his comfort zone.


    She also recommended a Gifted program so that he will be around similar kids.  Being the only kid of your type can get you labeled as 'difficult', versus being in a program with many kids of your type which is suddenly 'normal'.


    And he will need to be in an environment that will push him and he won't be bored.


    Going back to the original question, is Brain Balance a scam or a hoax?  My wife and I talked about it as we drove home from Shelton.  On the one hand, we saw benefits from Brain Balance that stuck.  We talked to other parents in the waiting room who had dramatic improvements.  As I discussed in the first section, it could be that their theories are wrong but the program still works for other reasons.


    But at the end of the day, we have a son who is wired a certain way, and it does seem unlikely that a program of any type would remake him as a completely different child.  Our goal is to work with his strengths and improve his weaknesses to 'good enough'.


    When our Son was born, I held my breath that he would be healthy.  And then I held my breath that he would not develop 'Autism' as I knew it.  But given that there is a strong link between intelligence and Autism, and it is easier to improve his social skills than it is to get more intelligence, I am ok with it all.  I would not want to go back and "fix" the Autism, even if I could.


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