Beware Tender care day care 2461 Bedford Ave Brooklyn NY 11226

Beware of Merena Carter of Tender Care Day Care, located at 2461 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11226.  Our complaint is she ordered products from us, and then used the credit card system to scam us.


Her day care business ordered nap mats from us, and then later disputed the charges as fraudulent.  Sometimes it happens, folks order something and a month later they don't remember the business name.


So we followed up with an email reminding her what she ordered, and showing the delivery confirmation number, and asking if there was any issue with the order.  No reply.


A couple weeks later we again follow up with the same information, and asking if there was any issue.  No reply.


In the mean time I sent proof of delivery to her credit card company.  They respond that Merena still does not remember making the purchase, and didn't get the nap mats.


Her day care phone numbers (917) 865-4956 and (347) 529-7816 are listed on her site, so I give her a call.  She is really nice on the phone.  "Oh another employee made the purchase so I didn't recognize your charge on the credit card bill, but i will go clear it up right away.


After talking to Merena, I provide proof to her credit card company that we shipped to Merena's credit card billing address.  Merena again tells her credit card company that she does not recognize the charge.


I call Merena and ask why did she dispute the charge after telling me on the phone that yes the made the purchase and yes they got the merchandise.  She told me that her credit card company told Merena to "stay out of it" and not take responsibility for the charges, even though she says she told them the purchase was legitimate.


Her credit card company tells me that if she is acknowledging the charges on the phone, just have Merena send us an email stating such.  But Merena is crafty, she is very nice on the phone and tells you she is going to do this and going to do that, but she will not send a simple email accepting the charges.


At the end of the day, if you make a purchase over the internet, and later just swear up and down that it wasn't you, and if it was, you didn't get the product, Visa will give you your money back.  Even if you order nap mats for your day care, and the vendor has proof they delivered them to your billing address.


So beware of Merena Carter of Tender Care Day Care, located at 2461 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11226.  She scammed us, don't be another complaint of how she scammed you.

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