Frequently Asked Questions
  • What if there is a pricing mistake?

    We do our best to have descriptions that match our products and prices that are represented fairly and accurately.  If there is a pricing or description mistake we will look at the specific case, but we reserve the right to correct mistakes.

  • Do you sell items wholesale?

    Most of our items are not available wholesale.  We do have wholesale cotton towel wraps in 11 colors for men, women, and kids.


    The colors are white, black, baby pink, baby blue, silver, red, turquoise, hot pink, lime green, chocolate, and navy blue.  In girls we cover from very young to 7XL with seven different sizes of wraps.  In boys we cover 'adult' men to 7XL men with four different sizes.


    More details available - email us with questions.



    , we do not sell items wholesale.  We are not a manufacturer, only a retailer.

  • Color matches in the same product line?

    People often order things like matching nap mats, duffle bags, lunch totes from the same manufacture.  Please note that these items may not be absolutely identical in color.  Items are often made from different fabric lots and while they will be close, and often too close to spot any difference at all, we did have one customer notice a difference that we could not really see.  The product you receive may be slightly different in shade than the photo shown.

  • Do we gift wrap?

    At this time, we do not offer gift wrapping services. We do have the ability to include an enclosure note with your order. The area for you to include the sentiment is located at the check-out.

  • How long is the shipping transient time

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    Lower 48 states and Alaska

    For the $6.75 lower 48 states and Alaska shipping fee, we ship most items via USPS Parcel Select, USPS Priority Mail, and USPS First Class.  Baby books ship USPS Media Mail, and very heavy items may ship UPS Ground or USPS Parcel Select.


    Both USPS Priority, First Class, and Parcel Select mail delivery times are usually 2-8 business days in the lower 48 states (but quoting the Post Office, "The expected delivery date does not come with a money-back guarantee.").  It is not typical, but we see the post office take 14 days on about one of 100 packages.


    UPS can be 2-6 business days depending on how far from Washington State the item is shipped.


    Neither service guarantees their delivery time.  Thus, we can't guarantee USPS shipping time, or UPS Ground shipping time.  We can only say how long is typical.


    When your package ships, we will send a tracking number and link.  Most of our packages ship via the Post Office, and the publish this Expected Delivery Day.  Do not take this day seriously.  Once published, the Post Office will never update this day even if they have weather delay, mechanical delay, earthquakes or monsoons.


    Don't believe the Expected Delivery Day Don't believe the Expected Delivery Day


     FAQ: My USPS shipping package is past due - can you tell me why?


    While these are the typical times, both carriers can take longer and the exact shipping time is out of our control unless you request and pay for UPS 2 or 3 day shipping, or UPS overnight.


    On occasion, it may appear that we are sitting on a package.  The tracking number reports to only have "Pre-Shipment Information" about a package.  Mail does not have to be scanned to move through the postal system - and occasionally isn't.

    The Post Office does not always scan packages on pick-up The Post Office does not always scan packages on pick-up

    So sometimes tracking information simply shows nothing until the package is almost to the destination.  We don't sit on packages - and we can't due to space constraints.


    Guam - Puerto Rico - Other US Territories

    We ship to Guam, Puerto Rico and pretty much all other US territories through the Post Office.  We can't really predict shipping times at all.  Sometimes it is a week, sometimes it is three.


    International Shipping

    International USPS shipping times can be - and occasionally are - considerably longer.

  • I need my order by a specific date

    I need my order by a specific date.  Is that possible?
    Often yes, but we can't always guarantee it.  If you must have a product by a specific date, please include that information on your order form and email us.  We will contact you if we think expedited shipping will also be necessary to get you your products by the needed date.  The additional shipping cost will be the cost quoted to us by UPS.  We will not automatically charge you this amount; permission will be obtained before processing your order.


    Most of our orders ship USPS Priority mail, or USPS First Class Mail (13oz or less), both of which are 2-3 days typical shipping in the lower 48 states.  If you ask us if a product will arrive by a specific date, we will answer based on typical shipping times.


    However it can and does happen that the post office takes longer than 2-3 days, or UPS is delayed.  Since we don't deliver the packages, we can't actually guarantee when a package will arrive, and our answer is not a promise or guarantee.

  • What is your return policy

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    We have a 30-day return policy on items that are not custom, are not personalized, and have not been used.  Return unused, non-personalized, non-custom items to:


    Posy Lane Inc
    207 E. Reserve St. #102
    Vancouver, WA 98661


    Refunds of this type do not include the $6.75 shipping charge or the cost of return shipping.


    If we have made a mistake on an order, or if the item has a manufactures defect, or was other wise damaged when shipped to you, we will re-ship a new, corrected item at no charge.  We do not refund or replace personalized orders unless we made a mistake, there is a manufacturing defect, or the item arrived damaged.


    If you received a special bulk discount due to the quantity you ordered, please note that returns may be subjected to a restocking fee.


    In the cases of damage, incorrect personalization, or incorrect item, we just ask you to send a picture showing the issue.  It is that easy!


    Please look over your items when they arrive.  On orders that are damaged when you received them, we ask that you contact us in five business days after you received the order and notify us about the damage.  Unless the damage was hidden from view or subtle in nature, refunds or replacement of damaged goods reported after 3 business days from receipt of the products is subject to our discretion.


    Please notify us before returning damaged products.  Product refunds may require the return of merchandise but usually we just need to see a picture.  *Very important!*  Please include a copy of the packing slip or the order confirmation.  If you don't have that, please include the name it was ordered under.  We have a small pile of returns that didn't include any paperwork or note, and either don't have a return address or we can't find the name in our system.



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  • International shipping policies and information

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    International Shipping
    We ship internationally just about every day.  While shipping inside the USA is a flat $9.50, we cannot offer international shipping for the same price.

    With international orders, after the order is placed, we will calculate the shipping fee.  If is close to the international flat rate fee of either $12.50 (for Canada) or $15.50 (all other countries), we will absorb the difference.  If it is substantially more, we will inform you of the international shipping rate options, and you will have the option to pay the difference or cancel the order.  We won't obligate you to additional postage without your consent.

    International Order Tracking
    We can't track all orders beyond the shipment leaving the USA or entering your customs.  Because we can't track international shipments to your door, by ordering from Napmat.com, you accept that international orders are deemed as delivered once the shipment leaves the United States Postal Service tracking system.

    International Delivery Times
    Delivery time for international packages is typically within 10 days to two weeks, but can be significantly longer for reasons beyond our control.  Packages can be delayed for:

    • Taxes Owed
    • Local worker strikes
    • Customs inspection
    • Errors made by your post office
    • Time it takes to get the package to the correct country

    The tracking number will make the package appear to be "stuck" in some American city.  This just shows the American city the package left the USA from when it entered your country.  Tracking then stops, and all you see is the American city from then on.

    Might import/duty/sales/VAT/other taxes apply to you?
    While we are not an international company, we ship around the world every day and it is impossible for us to inform each foreign customer about what import/duty/sales/VAT taxes they might be subject to.

  • How long does it typically take for my order to ship

    Typical turn-around time depends on what product you have ordered:
    Non-personalized items – 1-2 business days typical
    Embroidered items – 2-3 business days (even during peak season!)


    Please note - Look for specific exceptions or shipping schedules on product pages.  Shipping information on a specific product page is the most accurate.


    Special order items usually take longer to ship:
    * Nam’s Bits/Oh Sugar products – 2-3 weeks
    * Popcorn/cotton candy - 2-3 weeks
    * Ink Stamps/Embossers – 2-3 weeks
    * Lipstick Shades products – 2-3 weeks
    * Music boxes - 2-3 weeks
    * Personalized plates/placemats/bowels – 2-3 weeks
    * Custom towel wraps - 3 weeks

    Generally you will not receive a shipping email on special order items 


    (* Items from these manufacturers ship separately because they are drop-shipped directly from the manufacturer. This allows you to receive your items the quickest way possible.)
    On occasion we are in training or closed for vacation. In this case items can take slightly longer.


    Most of our items ship USPS priority mail or USPS first class mail (13oz or lighter).  Both of these services are 2-3 typical, but UPS and the post office do not guarantee the delivery time and so we also cannot.  In our experience, 10%-20% of the time first class and priority mail take 5-6 days.  The only guaranteed delivery times are UPS overnight, UPS two day, and UPS three day.  Contact us if you need UPS guaranteed delivery service.


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  • How much is shipping?

    Our shipping rates:

    Lower 48 states and Alaska:
    Most items ship for $9.50 flat rate.  Items noted as Heavy Shipping may ship for a higher flat rate.


    Most items ship for $12.50 base rate.  Some heavy items may cost more to ship.


    All other countries and locations:
    Most items ship for $15.50 base rate.  Some heavy items ship for more. If the shipping charge is significantly more, we will give you the option to pay the exact amount, or cancel the order.  


    We only charge exact postage in these extra-postage situations.


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