Janiebee nap mat review

Janiebee makes popular boutique style nap mats.  If you want to go beyond a few pictures and a short description, join us in the Janiebee nap mat review!  Lets start with the basics:


Janiebee nap mats use multiple coordinating fabrics Janiebee nap mats use multiple coordinating fabrics
Janiebee nap mat with four year old girl Janiebee nap mat with four year old girl

• Nap mat measures 21" wide x 53" long
• Blanket measures 30" wide x 44" long
• 2" thick polyester batting
• Double thick minky dot blanket
• Pillow & blanket are attached
• Pillow insert is removable
• Shoulder strap in a coordinating fabric
• For kids up to ages 6


Appropriate age

We have a size guide guide to help determine to what age a nap mat will still work.  Janiebee nap mats are about 53 inches long, and our size guide normally would say this nap mat would work for kids to about ages 7-8.  However the blanket is only 30 inches wide, and kids of this age may find the blanket won't cover the child and tuck in on the other side.


It will work fine for kids up to about age 6, and that is well past the point of taking naps at school.  There is a life for nap mats beyond school - kids use them for travel, camping, and sleepovers.


Nap mat thickness

All high-end nap mats are two inches thick, and Janiebee is no exception.  It is made with two inches of polyester batting.  That is much more comfortable for children over less expensive mats made with an inch of polyester batting.  The only thing better are foam mats or mats where the polyester fiber are compressed before construction.


Pillow size

The Janiebee pillow case is attached, and the 11" x 16" is removable.  That is a pretty good pillow size compared to other nap mats with removable pillows.  Only one other brand has a larger removable pillow.


Blanket size and construction

Janiebee nap mats have a double thick minky dot blanket.  That is thicker than pretty much all other brands and is great for cold rooms or if your child wants a heavy blanket.  Be aware of this if your child is in a warm room, or does not like to get too warm while sleeping.


The nap mat secures with fabric ties

Almost without exception other nap mats secure with Velcro, but Janiebee closes their nap mats with fabric strings you tie and untie.  Children can't work the ties, and men are pretty much hopeless with them too.  It creates some work each time the nap mat is taken out and put away, so be aware of this.


A comfortable child on Janiebee nap mat A comfortable child on Janiebee nap mat

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