Men's towel wrap size guide

We periodically get men's towel wrap sizing questions and that has prompted me to write this post as a guide to towel wrap sizing.  We also have a side guide for ladies here.  With many of our adult cotton towel wraps, we now carry up to four sizes - 'adult', 'adult plus', 'king' and 'emperor'.  These sizes cover men from skinney to approximatly 7XL.


Each wrap works over a range of sizes, but you will be happiest with your wrap the closer to the center of the sizing guide you get (Emperor wraps still fit well at the upper end of the range).  Wraps too undersized won't overlap as much as you would like or will feel a little tight.  Wraps too oversized will be hard to keep on.


Pant/Hip size
32 Adult
33 Adult
34 Adult
35 Adult
36 Adult
37 Adult Adult Plus
38 Adult Adult Plus
39 Adult Adult Plus
40 Adult Plus
41 Adult Plus
42 Adult Plus
43 Adult Plus King
44 Adult Plus King
46 Adult Plus King
48 Adult Plus King
50 King
52 King
54 King
56 King Emperor
58 King Emperor
60 King Emperor
62 King Emperor
64 King Emperor
66 Emperor
68 Emperor
70 Emperor
72 Emperor
75 Emperor

4 thoughts on “Men's towel wrap size guide”

  • sandra h

    I ordered a men's towel wrap but never received the email for the confirmation of my order. I got a number for tracking but have no idea how it is being shipped.

  • Mel Weiss

    I need a king not an emperor
    men wrap around blue towel
    can I get one
    if it fits right I will order another one
    can you pleas help me

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