Frequently Asked Questions

Embroidery details and questions
Embroidery is our specialty! specializes in embroidered personalization. The embroidery service we offer on our fantastic products is what keeps our customers coming back again and again! With 14 embroidery fonts and 28 thread colors, your items will truly be unique. 

Please enter your embroidery name/initials/monogram exactly how you want them to appear.  For example, if you enter the name in all lower case, that is usually how the name will be embroidered. We do use our discretion if the embroidery will not look good in the case provided. We do our best to make your product as attractive as possible.

How to I enter monogramming initials?

When you select a monogramming option, the initals appear as first, last, middle name initials, with the last name initial larger and centered between the first and middle name initials.  When entering the letters for the monogram, enter them in the monogram order: first, last, middle.

In a monogram for a married couple, the wife's first name initial comes first, then the couple's last name initial is centered and larger, lastly the husband's first name initial. So, when entering the monogram initials in our order form, the First Name Initial refers to the wife's first name, the Middle Name Initial refers to the husband's first name, and the Last Name Initial refers to the couple's last name.

What if I want to embroider regular initials?

When selecting the Initials option, simply enter the initials as first, middle, last.

Do you make phone calls?

We do not use the phone for correspondence.  All communication is done via email.

We use email over phone calls for several reasons:

  1. Accountability. You remember saying you wanted the red thread. I thought you said you wanted the blue. With email, we all agree later on what we agreed to now!
  2. Noise. We have one large work room and three embroidery machines generally running full time. There is very little quiet time in the shop for phone conversations.

We have special instructions boxes for all embroidery and we encourage you to make notes there if you are concerned about color matching or similar details. We will email you if we have a question.

How much is shipping?

Our shipping rates:

Shipping rates are now linked directly to our shipping software, allowing for real-time postage calculations. In order to keep our product prices as low as possible, it is necessary to pass the shipping fees on to our customers.  

We do offer a free first-class shipping option.  Please note, we are unable to provide any guarantees or time-lines regarding delivery for the first-class shipping, though you will receive a tracking number.

International shipping policies and information

International Shipping

We are happy to ship internationally! We use the United States Postal Service for all shipping. Shipping rates are now linked directly to our shipping software, allowing for estimated postage calculations. In order to keep our product prices as low as possible, it is necessary to pass the shipping fees on to our customers.  If the estimated shipping rate and the actual shipping rate are significantly different, we will contact you with the additional postage amount, allowing you to choose whether you would like to pay the additional amount or cancel the order.

We are a small business, so, unforunately, we are unable to offer free shipping like large corporations.

International Order Tracking

We can't track all orders beyond the shipment leaving the USA or entering your customs. Because we can't track international shipments to your door, by ordering from, you accept that international orders are deemed as delivered once the shipment leaves the United States Postal Service tracking system.

International Delivery Times

Delivery time for international packages is typically within 10 days to two weeks, but can be significantly longer for reasons beyond our control. Packages can be delayed for:

  • Taxes Owed
  • Local worker strikes
  • Customs inspection
  • Errors made by your post office
  • Time it takes to get the package to the correct country

Sometimes the tracking number will make the package appear to be "stuck" in some American city. This just shows the American city the package left the USA from when it entered your country. Tracking then stops, and all you see is the American city from then on.

Might import/duty/sales/VAT/other taxes apply to you?

While we are not an international company, we ship around the world every day and it is impossible for us to inform each foreign customer about what import/duty/sales/VAT taxes they might be subject to. is not responsible for any customs charges or duty fees related to your order.

How long does it typically take for my order to ship?

Typical turn-around time depends on what product you have ordered:

  • Non-personalized items – 1-2 business days
  • Embroidered items – 2-3 business days

Special order items usually take 5-7 business days to ship.

What is your return policy?

We have a 30-day return policy on items that are not custom, are not personalized, and have not been used.  Return unused, non-personalized, non-custom items to:
9505 SE 13th St
Vancouver, WA 98664

We do not refund shipping costs, so we do recommend returning items using the least expensive means possible. You must include order information with your return in order for us to process a refund.

Personalized items are not returnable.

In the cases of damage, incorrect personalization, or incorrect item, we ask you to send a picture showing the issue to  Do not return these items before contacting us. Often, we will only require a picture of the damage to issue a replacement.

If we made a mistake on an order or if the item has a manufacturer defect we will re-ship a new, corrected item at no charge.

If you received a special bulk discount due to the quantity you ordered, please note that returns may be subject to a restocking fee.

Please look over your items when they arrive.  On orders that are damaged when you received them, we ask that you contact us within five business days of receiving the order and notify us about the damage. Unless the damage was hidden from view or subtle in nature, refunds or replacement of damaged goods reported after five business days from receipt of the products is subject to our discretion.

How do I cancel or change an order?

Orders directly fulfilled from our inventory can be changed or canceled by email request, and only if we have not started work on the order  and have had time to see the change or cancellation request

Orders filled by our partners for items like ink stamps, children's plates, music boxes, or anything else that is a special order item may not be cancelled depending on that partner's policies.

I need my order by a specific date. Is that possible?

Often, yes, but we can't always guarantee it. If you must have a product by a specific date, please include that information on your order form and/or email us. While your shipping options will allow you to expedite the delivery, we can certainly help you by rushing your item through production as quickly as possible.

Do you sell items wholesale? is an independent retailer.  We do not offer items wholesale.

Does have discount codes?

We do not offer discount codes at this time. We now have the free shipping option available, instead. For any promotional codes or sales that may be available in the future, stay tuned to our Facebook page. If you have "Liked" our page, but have not been getting our posts in your feed, go to our Facebook page and Like, Comment, and Share one of the posts. By doing this, you are telling Facebook that our content is interesting and relevant to you, causing our posts to begin showing up in your feed. We also occasionally do contests for free product on our site, so it's cerainly worth becoming our FB friend!

Do we gift wrap?

We do not offer gift wrapping services. We do have the ability to include an enclosure note with your order. The area for you to include the sentiment is located at the check-out.