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    Kindermat nap mats

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    If want a great mattress for your own bed, foam is top of the line.  Kindermat nap mats are top of the line for the support and comfort of your child.  Buy just one, or save with case discount pricing!  Buy in bulk and save!  Use as a kindergarten nap mat or a preschool nap mat.


    Nap mat size guide

     Kindermat nap mats with thick big pillow

    Kindermat pads measure 19" wide by 45 inches long and are available in three thicknesses, 5/8", 1", and an ultra luxurious 2"!  

    For bigger children, look at the Daydreamer (24" x 48") line.

    Your child does not want to sleep directly on the vinyl pad.  We have a large selection of basic Kindermat nap mat covers, and deluxe nap mat covers that include an attached blanket and pillow.

    Big Kindermat nap mat with attached pillow and blanket

    Just look at the pictures.  The pillow on our deluxe Kindermat covers is best in class for size, thickness, and comfort!

    Kindermat nap mats are great to send with your toddler to kindergarten or preschool.  A kindergarten nap mat or preschool nap mat will last your child for many years.