The Crown Jewel. The Custom
napmats have everything you
need for a nap...attached. No lost
blankies, no excuses! Made extra
long to accomodate taller
children. Comes with the 5/8"
basic kindermat and can easily
work with the 1" thick mat (add$4).
No Frills! Simple, but effective.
The Basic kindermat cover will
work with the 5/8", 1" or 2" thick
The cover encases the mat
(like a pillowcase) with velcro
tabs inside the hem to keep the
mat from slipping out.
The comfort of an attached
pillow and easy-carry handles
make the Designer napmats a
hit with little ones...with room
inside to store our gorgeous
coordinating blankies....

Comes with a 1" thick mat.
19" x 44"
19" x 44"
(Kindermat not included)
(Kindermat included)
19" x 58"
(Kindermat included)
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Designer kindermat
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kindermat covers,
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Custom kindermat
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